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Course content

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1. Introduction and Foundations

  • Basics of Large Language Models
  • Let's compare different models

2. Getting set up

  • Interacting with OpenAI API in Laravel
  • Fast development techniques
  • Our first, simple chatbot in 10 minutes

3. Giving AI context

  • The thing about ChatGPT is...
  • Embeddings and vector databases
  • Integrating embeddings with chat
  • Chunking: Embedding very large sources
  • Chatting with PDFs
  • Chatting with websites
  • Combining multiple sources for richer context

4. UX and Performance

  • Prompt engineering: Tweaking GPT for your purposes
  • Streaming responses with Laravel Echo and Pusher
  • Request pools

5. Ecosystem APIs

  • Using search APIs for external data lookups
  • AI image generation using external APIs
  • Audio transcription and voice synthesis
  • What about Python-based tools?

6. Let's Build a Chatbot for Your Website

  • A chatbot that knows your stuff
  • Foundations for the dashboard and widget
  • Integrating the widget
  • Context and adapting
  • Finalizing and launching your chatbot

7. Testing, Deployment, and Monitoring

  • Writing tests around AI endpoints
  • Keeping track of usage and costs
  • Deployment and production considerations

About the course

When I first started trying all of this stuff out, there was a lack of educational resources not just for the building the sorts of AI apps that I had in mind, but definitely none that was tailored to the Laravel community.

This course bridges the gap and provides a step-by-step journey through the world of AI integration in Laravel, covering everything from the basics of AI and ChatGPT to advanced techniques, optimization, and real-world applications.

You'll work with code samples and get take-home exercises

By the end of the course, not only will you have the knowledge and skills to build amazing AI experience in your Laravel apps, but we will build a complete, context-rich chatbot for your business or product website using ChatGPT and Laravel.

Although the AI market is new, it is already super competitive. Use this course to stand out and get an advantage.


“That woke looking mf'er knows more than me about AI, but still comes to me for advice that he then doesn't listen to, like not getting pets. He knows his shit though.”

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"Nik is the perfect person to teach you about AI. I am continually astounded by his profound understanding of AI and the ingenious ideas he effortlessly comes up with."

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